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    Posted by Tamra Myers on 9/2/2019

    Reminder---  Dress code will be enforced starting today! 


    September is here and we have been in school for almost half of a month.   Our class has been learning and adjusting to the rules and ways of Kindergarten. 

    It is often difficult for kids to work on controlling themselves in line, in the restroom, and on the carpet.  There are so many distractions that are much more interesting than sitting still, and being quiet.

    But learning self control is important.  And as adults we know that we can't always do what our impulses urge us to. That is why, in addition to rules, our class has consequences (positive and negative)  Here is a list of the rules and consequences.


    • #1  I will be respectful.  I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself. I will use kind words.


    • #2 I will be responsible. I will listen and follow directions quickly and quietly.


    • #3 I will be ready to learn.  I will raise my hand to walk and talk.   I will do my best.


    • #4 I will be safe. I will make smart, safe, choices.


    • #5 I will learn and have fun. I will work during work time and have a great attitude.


    Positive consequences for these include

    • Points in class dojo
    • Positive feedback and praise
    • classroom privileges, and other small tokens of appreciation 
    • positive notes, calls home

    Consequences for not following the rules include

    • Warning and redirection
    • Thinking chair and/or think sheet
    • Reteaching and practicing the behavior via logical consequences (Ex--  someone playing in line after warned and redirected would be retaught and practice during part of recess )
    • Negative points on class dojo
    • Parent phone call, office referral, or parent conference


           As your child's teacher I greatly appreciate it when you take the time to discuss your child's behavior with him/her.


      I think it is especially important to acknowledge both the things that they did well  (Ex-- I see you got points on Class Dojo for being helpful. What did you do?)  and the things that they did not. (I see you were playing in the restroom.  Why do you think that isn't a good idea?  What could you do next time?) 


    Thank you for all of your help and support!  We are going to have a great year!

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