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    Varsity Assistant Head Football Coach
    Sub Varsity Baseball Coach
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    I graduated from Cypress-Creek High School in 2003. I then attended Bethany College where I earned a BA with a major in History and Political Science. I am a United States History teacher along with a varsity assistant head football coach and freshmen/sophmore baseball coach. I have been at Channelview High School now for many years now 12+ and I am looking forward to working with my new students and athletes. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to make them known by emailing me at randall.tannert@cvisd.org


    Randall Tannert

    Classroom Rules

    Mr. Tannert

    U.S. History

    Room 105



    -         All school rules must be followed. (including ID & Tardy)

    -         Bring all required materials and supplies to class daily.

    -         Be respectful to everyone (students and the teacher). - NO profanity or racism will be permitted regardless of intent.

    -         Arrive and be seated ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

    -         No phones or other electronic devices.

    -         NO SLEEPING- if you sleep you may be asked to stand the rest of the period or sent to your AP

    -         Participate in class.

    -         Absolutely NO FOOD/DRINKS in class. Water only will be allowed.



    -         Folder for this class ONLY

    -         Paper and pen/pencil



    1.     According to CVISD Guidelines

    2.     Teacher may assign private Detentions on an as needed basis for discipline issues or missing work.

    3.     Skipping or missing a detention will result in a referral.



    -         50% Daily work

    -         35% Tests

    -         15% CBA/ Nine Week Assessment


    Class work/Homework policies:

    - Class work is to be completed during class. Any not finished by the end of class will be turned in the next class day at the tardy bell or will be considered late.

    - Working on another class’ work will not be tolerated.


    Test/Quiz Procedure:

    - During tests/quizzes there will be absolutely NO talking. Any talking while a test/quiz is given will be considered as cheating.


    Make-up Work:

    -         If you are absent it is your responsibility to ask for your work.

    -          If you have any questions please ask after class.

    -         Test must be made up as soon as possible- Students have 5 days/afternoon/advisory periods to make up the test or the grade will become an automatic ZERO.

    -         Late daily work will receive an automatic 30 point deduction.

    -         Students have 1 day for every day absent to make up daily work.



    -         Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday from 2:15-3:00.

    -         Any student who is Failing, Fails a test or is missing work will be required to attend a weekly tutoring session. Failure to attend will result in disciplinary action.

    -         Tutoring may be used by any student who needs help, needs a quiet place to do work, or needs to get caught up on work.

    -         All the student needs to do is ask and I will help.


    Bathroom/water breaks:

    -         It is the responsibility of the student to take care of all personal business between classes. Students will only be allowed to leave if summoned from an administrator or in an emergency.


    Academic Honesty:

    - NO copying or cheating will be tolerated. Any student cheating will be given a ZERO on that assignment and receive a discipline referral.