Anita Green West M.Ed. - Harvey Brown's School Counselor


    Counseling Department Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the School Counseling Program of Harvey Brown Elementary School to recognize and respect the unique qualities of each student and guide all students toward academic, personal, social, and career success. By collaborating with other educators, the families of students, and members of the community, using a comprehensive guidance program, maintaining high expectations for all students, and addressing barriers to learning we aim to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitude to become effective learners and productive members of their communities.
    Counseling Department Philosophy

    The School Counselor at Harvey Brown Believes:

    · All students can achieve with proper support, care, and guidance.

    · Every student should have an opportunity to achieve academic success regardless of race,
    ethnicity, gender, physical abilities, religious
    views, or socioeconomic status.

    · All students have the right to participate in the school counseling program.

    · All students’ developmental abilities and multi-intelligences should
    be considered in planning
    and implementing the school counseling program.
    · All students should be instructed with a holistic (mind/body connection)
    approach in
    providing counseling services.