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    Purpose of the Citizens’ Bond Planning Committee

    The purpose of the Citizens’ Bond Planning Committee is to provide facility, equipment and infrastructure recommendations to the Channelview ISD Board of Trustees after analyzing district-wide facilities, enrollment projections, financial data, and other data relevant in creating and maintaining learning environments that align with the district’s mission, vision, and goals.

    Charge of the Committee

    To help the district plan for the future, the Citizens’ Bond Planning Committee is charged to:
    • Represent the entire community in the facility planning process
    • Assist the district in assessing and prioritizing the District’s current and long-term facility needs, including, but not limited to:
         o District growth and capacity
         o Building age, safety and condition
         o Student and program equity
         o Evolving educational delivery and programs
    • Consider the educational needs of all students and align recommendations with the district’s mission, vision and goals
    • Consider the district’s current financial position and funding methods to develop a recommendation that is fiscally sound
    • Report their findings to the Channelview ISD Board of Trustees that will include recommendations on how to proceed with a long-range plan including as to what should be included and how much money should be requested in a possible bond election

    Parameters for the Citizens’ Bond Planning Committee

    • The Committee will be comprised of individuals from the community who represent the diverse and multifaceted interests of Channelview ISD.
    • Committee Chairpersons will be selected to represent the committee in its recommendations to the Board of Trustees.
    • District staff members and consultants will aid the Committee and serve as information providers.
    • The Committee shall engage in productive dialogue, strive to be objective and maintain a district-level perspective at all times.
    • The Committee will establish its own goal for consensus and agree on recommendations proceeding when such consensus is met.
    • The Committee will have access to data and resources provided by Channelview ISD in order to develop appropriate facility recommendations.
    • The Committee should make recommendations that are based on current, relevant data and best practices, and adhere to law and policy that govern school construction and bond issue requirements.
    • The Committee process will be transparent. All presentations, materials and meeting minutes will be posted online for Committee member use and public consumption.
    • The Committee recognizes that its role is to provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees and that the Board of Trustees has the obligation and responsibility to make decisions regarding tax and bond issues.