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    What will our class be doing this year to become better readers? During the first years of a student's education, the essential foundation of literacy is established.  So, in order to become better Readers and Writers, we will follow the recommendations of Irene C. Fountas & Gay Su Pinnell, the "Educational Experts" or "Gurus" for Balanced-Literacy. Fountas & Pinnell suggest a three-blocks as a guide for educators to follow. The three-block framework is flexible and allows for many variations in the way that the content or concepts, student grouping, daily scheduling and the levels at with teacher-directed instruction, as well as how collaborative grouping for students can occur. The three-block framework includes "Reading Workshop," "Writing Workshop" and "Language and Word Study." There are goals and several components during each block. Fountas & Pinnell recommend the following for each component: 
    Reading Workshop 60 minutes
    Writing Workshop 60 minutes
     Language and Word Study 30-60 minutes

    Due to the time constraints, I have to make necessary adjustments to the recommendations. The following is an explanation for "Reading Workshop" block of the framework.  
    Reading Workshop: Guided Reading
     Five Book Bees with Purple Book
    What is Guided Reading and how will we spend our time during the school year? We will spend the school year following what Fountas & Pinnell recommend. They have many wonderful resources for teachers to follow. An overview for their Guided Reading program can be found by CLICKING HERE. During Guided Reading, we teachers chooses a variety of texts that will become increasingly challenging throughout the school year from Fiction or Non-fiction sources and guides a small groups of students to help them develop their processing strategies as they read. 
    Reading Workshop: Independent Reading
    What is Independent Reading and how will we spend our time using it? An important part of a Balanced Literacy program is providing daily opportunities for students to read books that they have self-selected independently on their own.  Students will then read, confer and write about their reading in their Readers and Writers Notebooks. More about Independent Reading can be found in Guiding Readers and Writers as well as in Teaching for Comprehension and Fluency, both by Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell.  
    Reading Workshop: Literature Circles (Book Buddies)
      Three Book Bees with Purple Book
    What is Literature Circles/Book Buddies? Literature Circles or what I like to refer to as "Book Buddies" is a fun way for students to select books, form small groups with other students, make a schedule, "Read/Think/Note take," discuss the book within their small literature study group and share through a response or a collaborative project. Of course more on Literature Circles can be found in Guiding Readers and Writers as well as in Teaching for Comprehension and Fluency, both by Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. The break down on the "Jobs" that students will have with each other in "Book Buddies" can be found by Clicking here on: Book Buddies Jobs.
    What are our state standards for what a 2nd grader should know in Texas? Please CLICK HERE or below on the link if you would like to see the "Snapshot" for our state standards or "TEKS" for 2nd grade.