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  • Principles of Art, Audio/Video Technology & Communications Syllabus

    Principles of Art, Audio/Video Technology & Communication Syllabus

    Instructor’s Name:           Mr. Neal       or        Coach Neal


    I truly believe that one person can make a difference.  It is my mission and challenge to myself, to provide enriching lessons and experiences to make an impact on my students.  I would like to establish a classroom culture with trust and hard work as a foundation.  I would like my students to trust in themselves and trust that I am instructing them properly, with the intentions to make them appreciate their abilities and the arts, and inspire them to challenge themselves in their efforts to submit their best efforts.

    Assignments:                                                                                                         Due Dates: 

    1.      Picture Montague  (Who Am I)                                                  August 31st  

    2.      911 PSA (Pros/Cons)                                                                   September 7th

    3.      Film History (Citizen Kane)                                                         September 14th  

    4.      Film History (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory / The Graduate)       September 21rd

    5.      Film History (The Goonies)                                                         September 28th

    6.      Film History (A Knights Tale / Run Lolo Run)                            October 5th

    7.      Film History (Day After Tomorrow)                                           October 12th

    8.      Film History (Current Film)                                                         October 19th

    9.      9 Weeks Exam                                                                              October 25th & 26th

    10.  Elements Project (Part I)                                                             November 1st  

    11.  Elements Project (Part II)                                                           November  9th

    12.  Terms to Know / How to                                                             November 16th

    13.  Editing 101                                                                                   November 30th

    14.  PSA (Public Service Announcement)                                         December 7th

    15.  PSA (Public Service Announcement)                                         December 14th

    16.  Print Advertisements                                                                  December 20th  

    17.  Marketing Campaign                                                                  January 11th

    18.  9 Weeks Exam                                                                              January 18th   

    19.  Project                                                                                          January 25th

    20.  9 Weeks Exam                                                                              February 8th

    21.  News Segments (Soft News)                                                       February 15th  

    22.  News Segments (Human Interest News)                                   February 22nd    

    23.  News Segments (Hard News)                                                     March 1st   

    24.  News Segments (Spot  News)                                                     March 8th

    25.  Pilot                                                                                              March 22nd    

    26.  News Broadcast                                                                           March 28th    

    27.  News Broadcast                                                                           April 5th

    28.  9 Weeks Exam                                                                              April 12th    

    29.  After Effect Concepts                                                                  April 26th 

    30.  Music Montague                                                                         May 3rd  

    31.  Independent Project(s)                                                               May 10th  

    32.  Portfolio Review                                                                          May 24th

    33.  Final Exams                                                                                   May 29th –June 7th

    Projects will have a number of positions

    *Director        *Script Writing Team                        *Editing Team                        *Camera person(s)           
    *Creative Effects Team         *Design Team / Artist           * Research Team

    *Crew                   *Script Writing Team    *Design Team (Artist)                   *Ad/Marketing Team

                    *Sound/Music Team

    You will be required to turn in the following with each project:

    DVD (in cover), Posters, Scripts, Storyboards, & Directing/Inspiration Page


    Supply List:

    ·         8gb flash drive or Memory stick

    ·         Hand sanitizer

    ·         Box of tissue

    ·         3 ring binder / college rule tablet (for class notes, inspirations, and bell-work)



    It is recommended to have or access to a digital camera (Independent Projects)

    It is recommended to have or access to reliable transportation (Independent Projects)

    It is recommended to have or access to a computer outside of school (practice & I. P.)

    It is recommended to have or access to a reliable communications device (I. P.)


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