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November Staff of the Month

Our November Staff of the Month is Mrs. Blanca Suarez! Mrs. Suarez is our 4th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher for our Gen Ed students. She has been at our campus for 20 years! Her teaching career began here after graduating from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science is Business Administration. Mrs. Suarez has also acquired a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is a Channelview alumnus who enjoys crafts and traveling. Mrs. Suarez says the best thing about working at DeZavala is the amazing family atmosphere within staff and students.

Mrs. Suarez also worked with the Shell legal department on an impromptu coat drive for our students. She saw a need within our campus for students who were not able to purchase proper coats for the winter. Once she realized her students were going without, she went home to clear out any coats not being used by her family and brought them to work to donate to our students. The word traveled to her husband’s job at Shell, and sparked a chain reaction of their legal team doing the same. Together the team and Mrs. Suarez were able to fill our stage with various outer garments to keep our students warm. The children were so happy, and our campus is so grateful to see their warm, smiling faces!

Thank You and Congratulations Mrs. Suarez!

Kathryn Laird
(281) 452-6008 Ext: 2455