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Throwing Kindness Like Confetti!

In Ms. Laird's Technology Prime Time, students are asked to begin their day by writing something kind about someone on our campus. The compliments are 100% anonymous and voluntary. Much to our joy, every student has something nice to say each morning. The recipients range from the student’s best friends to our campus custodian. Everyone can come check the kindness board each morning to see if they have a compliment. If they find a compliment addressed to them, they may take it home to keep. Every Wednesday these same students review topics like bullying and its effects on the people around them with Depelchin presenters. Ms. Laird says her hope is that this will build onto the presenter's lectures and will help grow her student’s confidence and self-appreciation. She also participates, leaving compliments for her students and coworkers each day.

We are so proud of how kind our Dragons are!

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