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Stop The Bleed Staff Training

Channelview Fire Dept. and EMS presented to DeZavala Staff how/where/why to apply tourniquets to stop bleeding from extremities and possibly save lives. The trainers demonstrated application of CAT tourniquets and triangular bandages and staff had the opportunity to practice the technique using both  methods. DeZavala students and staff will benefit from the dedicated staff members who will, in a crisis situation, be prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent possible loss of life due to uncontrolled bleeding. 
Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Fire Dept. and EMS personnel who presented and taught DeZavala staff members on stopping the bleed, and for providing the supplies for the emergency backpacks donated to our campus.
The training was organized and co-hosted by Pay Galloway RN!
Pat Galloway, RN
School Nurse
DeZavala Elementary
Channelview ISD
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Kathryn Laird
(281) 452-6008 Ext 2455