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Mr. Soriano's Stellar Decimal Structures!

In Mr. Soriano’s 4th Grade Bilingual Math class, students are working on projects to create a hanging decimal structure.

The students must represent at least 6 letters of their name on hundredths grids. Each letter must include the following hanging below: decimal form, word form, fractional form, expanded form, and expanded notation. For instance, if a letter is made up of 18 squares from the grid, the hanging cards would say: .018, eighteen hundredths, 18/100, 0.1+0.08, and (1 x 0.1) + (8x0.01).

Mr. Soriano’s students were encouraged to use creativity in their projects, and boy did they deliver! Check out some of their amazing work!

***Photos have been edited to protect the identity of our precious students. 

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