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Read Across America

On March 1 each year DeZavala celebrates "Read Across America" in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday. Our 4th grade Gen Ed ELA teacher, Mrs. Suarez, goes above and beyond for this annual celebration. This year we hosted many district administrators to read to our students, we continued the tradition of "buddy reading" across all grade levels, and as always we had the most suess-tastic costumes and outfits. 

Thank you, Mrs. Suarez!!!!! 


As always, thank you to our wonderful A.P. and Principal for allowing a strong, positive place for our students' minds and creativity to grow!


Mr. Ollis Reads to Mrs. Barnes Class

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Karen Bryant Reads to Life Skills Class


Jeniffer Tunink Reads to Mr. Castillo's Class


3rd Grade Reads to Kinder

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4th Grade Reads to 1st Grade and Life Skills

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5th Grade Reads to 2nd Grade

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