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Students and Staff Members of the Month

January Student of the Month

Andrea Lopez


Andrea is a hard-working young lady! Very respectful and friendly with her peers. She is always willing to help those in need. She is a great example to those around her and is definitely deserving to be named our student of the month.


January Staff Member of the Month 


Erika GomezMs. Gomez is a behind the scenes teacher that works hard to bring out the best in all her students. Her focus is on her students. Her students know the expectations she has for them and are willing to work hard in her class. She is professional at all times and does not speak unless she knows what she is saying is correct or true. She is an amazing mentor and teacher.

October Student of the Month -

Desiree Gomez

Desiree Gomez

Desiree is one my students that struggles in class. She has been working hard in class and at home to improve her spelling, and reading. She is striving everyday to learn in class and help others around her. She is my partnered with an SLC student and has been working well to keep that student on task in class. I have seen a dramatic improvement in her academics, work ethics, and confidence in reading. I am so proud of her.

October Staff Member of the Month 

Chase Fenner

Chase Fenner

Mr. Fenner always volunteers to help out when needed. Personally he has helped with flexible seating, technology, lifting things, and donor's choose projects. He is a great person to have on our faculty! Always friendly and eager to help out in anything he can. Very approachable and a good team player.

September Student of the Month - Katelyyn Silva


Katelynn is such a good sport about anything that comes her way, such as moving classes and making new friends. She is the type of student that can adapt to the situation at hand. She is focused and thoughtful about her work and always tries her very best. Organization is a skill she is mastering. She takes pride in her notebooks and work area. Her personality is sweet and friendly towards her peers. Just recently, we had a new student join our class and she was so excited to help her out. We enjoy having her in class, and I hope she continues on this road to success!

September Staff Member of the Month - Candi Boehme


Ms. Boehme does so many things at our school and helps out in every way, and she does it with such a positive attitude. She has such a desire to do for others out of the kindness of her heart and gives so much of her time. She is always there for anybody and everybody.