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Teachers of the Year and Rising Stars

District leaders, principals and Superintendent Greg Ollis, paid a special visit to the teachers who were awarded Teacher of The Year and Rising Stars(Best First Year Teacher) for the 2019-2020 school year. Congratulations to all of these teachers! Thank you for being passionate about education and helping our students learn!

For the full album, please check out our district Facebook page.  


Barrett Lee Early Learning Childhood Center 

Teacher Of the Year--Jennifer Cheney

Rising Star--Diana Barrera


Brown Elementary 

Teacher or the Year--Shirley Mertz

Rising Star--Alejandra Villarreal


Cobb Elementary

Teacher of the Year--Rachel Lopez

Rising Star--Tarah Aliceaacosta


Crenshaw Elementary

Teacher of the Year--Jennifer Perez

Rising Star--Shaundria Milner


DeZavala Elementary 

Teacher of the Year--Karla Khanal

Rising Star--Jocelyn Ramirez 


Hamblen Elementary

Teacher of the Year--Melissa Sandoval

Rising Star--Reayshia Ansley


McCullan Elementary

Teacher of the Year--Senea Harris 

Rising Star--Julie Marquez


Schochler Elementary

Teacher or the Year--Cherice Bogany

Rising Star--Norma Cardoso Martinez 


Aguirre Junior High

Teacher of the Year--Levine Fontenot 

Rising Star--Alexis Hooker 


Alice Johnson Junior High 

Teacher of Year--Marc Chicoria 

Rising Star--James Dees 


Campbell Learning Center 

Teacher of the Year--Jacqueline Jackson


Kolarik 9th Grade Campus 

Teacher of the Year--Kirstie Stanley

Rising Star--Sarah Garza 


Channelview High School

Teacher of the Year--Roberto Barajas 

Rising Star--Tanner House