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Meet Our Teachers

Every day until Oct. 5 we will feature one teacher from every campus in an effort to show you the creative ways they're teaching your child. 

Meet Our Teachers


Monday, September 21

Barrett-Lee Early Childhood Center 

Mrs. Barrera (Pre-K)


Tuesday, September 22

DeZavala Elementary 

Ms. Cox Introduction


Wednesday, September 23

Cobb Elementary 

Ms. Hernandez


Thursday, September 24

Hamblen Elementary

Ms. C. Gonzalez


Friday, September 25

McMullan Elementary

Group Teachers: Coach Cox- P.E. Teacher, Ms. Gray- Art Teacher, and Mr. Gonzalez- Music Teacher


Saturday, September 26

Brown Elementary 

Mrs. Ford-Neal, Ms. Jeffries, Mrs. Martinez-Moody, Mrs. Reyna, Ms. Scroggins, and Ms. Barrientos


Sunday, September 27

Crenshaw Elementary

Ms. Blaire 


Monday, September 28

Schochler Elementary 

Mrs. Quintanilla


Tuesday, September 29

Aguirre Junior High

Mr. Levine Fontenot


Wednesday, September 30

Alice Johnson Junior High

Mrs. A. Flores


Thursday, October 1

Endeavor High School

Ms. Jennifer Thurik


Friday, October 2

Kolarik 9th Grade Center 

 Mrs. Jones


Saturday, October 3

Channelview High School 

Mr. Gutierrez