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Save the Children Partner Spotlight of the Week: Kent Wilson, Pastor & School Board member

Save the Children would like to take a moment to celebrate Kent Wilson, Pastor & School Board member, Channelview Texas. Pastor Kent Wilson and his wife Karen along with their congregation at South Drive Baptist Church (SDBC) have been a remarkable partner for Save the Children. Pastor Kent serves on the CVISD school board and is an active community member. Save the Children was fortunate to see an increase in donations from our corporate sponsors when the Covid-19 pandemic began last year. However, this created a need for space to receive such shipments. SDBC eagerly offered to assist with that need and they have continually allowed StC to use their gym for storage. On several occasions, they have accepted shipments on behalf of StC and have frequently helped with loading and unloading an assortment of items. The partnership between StC and SDBC has also led to additional partnerships with various local agencies. SDBC has been an integral part of getting items into the hands of families in need within the school district and the community.

At a meeting in the beginning of last year (pre-pandemic), Pastor Kent told StC staff that it was the desire of the church that their building be used to meet needs of the community 7 days a week. Use of the church building was offered at that time to host a large family event. The event was unfortunately canceled due to Covid but StC is exceedingly grateful that the conversation prompted the development of an amazing partnership. SDBC has played a critical role in getting various items such as hygiene products, toys, books, school supplies, personal protective equipment and craft kits to thousands of people. Save the Children is especially thankful for partnerships like this that allow us to work together to serve children and families. Pastor Wilson, YOU ARE DEFINITELY A CHAMPION FOR CHILDREN!