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Channelview High School Welding Students Place 2nd in Houston Rodeo Competition

The Channelview High School welding students placed second in the Houston Rodeo Industrial Crafts Competition. 

This is the first year the students competed. Preparations for the competition began in October and the results were announced earlier this month. The competition consisted of students having to do safety reports,  track progress and create a spec-built project to be judged by experts in the industry. This competition is aimed to help develop real world job experience and understand how to properly run a welding job site. Students were required to follow plans and industry standards to create their design. 

Students also partnered with experts in the industry to help guide them through the project. 

The industry partners included: Frank Ramirez, Travis Psencik from Enterprise and Jody Castillo from Worely. These partners came to help the students on their own time after their work hours. 

“It’s a tremendous accomplishment for these students to take home 2nd place in a competition they have never participated in before,” said Superintendent Greg Ollis. “These students will graduate ready to go into the workforce, and I am proud our district continues to put a strong focus on Career and Technical Education (CTE).” 

The CHS welding program currently has 180 students and five were selected to compete. The five students who participated in the competition are: Kyler Yellott, Anthony Castillo, Rogelio Rosales, Rolando Gomez and Joseph Huffman. 

I have a great group of dedicated and hardworking students who know how to work until they get the job done right despite the challenging circumstances of hybrid/asynchronous learning,” said Welding Instructor Brittney Morrison. “It was challenging to find time to work on projects, keeping up with welding practices and skills for class, completing industry certifications and keeping up with other schoolwork: but it was all worth it in the end.”