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Interim Superintendent Kicks Off New Math Initiative

Interim Superintendent Begins Math Initiative To Help Students  

October 26, 2021-- Channelview ISD Interim Superintendent Dr. Don Beck kicks off a new math initiative to help students  develop a passion for numbers and allows him the opportunity to be back in the classroom. 

The new program is called Back To Basics With Beck. Once a week Dr. Beck will visit a campus and teach a math lesson to a classroom of students. Before the visit, he coordinates with the school principal to determine what classroom he will visit and what the curriculum will consist of. The lessons are all based on basic math concepts. 

“It’s no secret I love math, data, numbers and teaching,” said CISD Interim Superintendent Dr. Beck. “I brought forward this idea to allow me the opportunity to go back into the classroom and work with students. I am able to teach them a subject I have always been passionate about.”  

Back To Basics With Beck kicked off on Wednesday, October 20 with Cobb Elementary first graders. In a room of nearly 20 students, Dr. Beck taught addition and subtraction. He patiently walked to each student and helped them understand the concept by counting building blocks to help them better understand. Once the lesson was complete, he asked them a few more addition and subtraction questions and allowed them the opportunity to answer the questions on their own to ensure they mastered the content.  

The first graders I visited at Cobb Elementary were fantastic,” said Dr. Beck. Math is the universal language and a subject you will use for a lifetime. Although it can be intimidating for many, it's crucial to know basic math skills. It all starts in the early grade levels, and it was a pleasure to teach first graders. I am looking forward to visiting every campus and helping students develop a love for math.”  


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