AVID students visit Texas Southern University

Students from Anthony Aguirre Junior High School visited Texas Southern University to observe the day-to-day life of college students.  A total of 96 students participated in the tour designed to promote early awareness of college opportunities and engage students in college and career planning.

Ms. Cheryl Childs, an AVID elective teacher, was amazed at the number of students who admitted they have never visited a college campus.  “This was the first college visit for 90% of our students,” said Childs. “Walking around the campus and seeing students who look like them made a great impact.”

Students visited the Thurgood Marshall Law School, the College of Education, and the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.  Tomesha Jones, an AVID elective teacher, was excited for students to see the official location of the Democratic Presidential Debate, a topic that was recently discussed in class.  “Our visit was scheduled at an incredible time,” said Jones.  “Students were excited to see reporters and camera crews.  It helped relay the message that you don’t have to go far to have a phenomenal college experience.”

Principal Eric Lathan is excited about the opportunities that AVID students will have this school year. “The campus staff works hard to create meaningful experiences for our students.” Said Lathan. “As an AVID National Demonstration School, we will continue to immerse students in educational experiences that will make a significant impact on their lives for years to come.”

Ms. Candida Muro, Avid Excel teacher has arranged for AVID and AVID Excel students to attend the Hispanic Business Association’s 14th Annual Future Cougar Day at the University of Houston on their next stop in the College Tour Series.