What kind of kids go to Endeavor?

Is Endeavor only for "bad" kids?
NO!  Endeavor is a "School of Choice" in Channelview ISD which offers a different type of learning environment than a student receives in a more traditional high school setting.  It is a place for students to come who need more flexibility in their day or who have gotten behind their peers and need to catch back up to where they should be.
A School of Choice Alternative Education Program provides accelerated instructional services to students at risk of dropping out of school. It is designed to facilitate school attendance and success for students with unique circumstances.  A student does not have to be considered an "at-risk student" to attend Endeavor. 

Endeavor High School's goals are to engage student learning, to ensure student success toward expedite credit recovery and assist students to meet the graduation requirements as determined by the Texas Board of Education (TEC Chapter 74.52) and Channelview ISD’s Board of Trustees.

Classes are available in the four core subject areas of English, math, science, social studies and a limited number of electives.

Endeavor High School serves students in grades 9 through 12.